about jen


Welcome to my neck of the woods!!

My husband, children and I live on a fully functioning beef cattle farm.
We spend as much time as possible outdoors.
We have four children ranging from the ages of 14 to seven years. {I homeschool 3 of them}
Yes, I am busy! But I love my life!
My husband and I have been married for over 16 years!
God has given me a very supportive husband, one that wants me to stay home with our children {thank you God!}.
I enjoy every minute at home with the kids!
But for those “seconds” in between, I use my talent of photography {given by God} to regroup.

*Random facts about an outdoor session with Jen*

99% of Jen’s sessions take place on her farm.
Jen will  probably take you on one of the side-by-sides to the ‘woodsy’ locations.
You will see and smell our cows. 😉
You *may* have to drive through a gate or two.
Your car will get dirty {sorry!}
You’ll think you’re lost the first time you drive here.
Jen has a ton of animals running around; chickens, guineas, cats, dogs, horses, cows.
Chances are, Jen will step in cow manure before your session is over. 😛     {this is totally normal}
She’ll probably end up on the ground at some point. Do not be alarmed. She will get up! 😀

I can’t wait  to meet you! 😀

May God Bless you today and always!!